Summer reading program & Contest

Studies show that students who read during the summer continue to make progress and increase their reading level.  This allows them to begin the next grade ahead of where they might have been had they not been reading.  Those who do not read during the summer can lose up to three months of “reading level” by the time they return to school in September.

We want to motivate our students at Cornerstone Christian School to “KEEP READING and KEEP LEARNING!” this summer by providing the CCS Summer Reading Contest. We hope that the following will provide all the information necessary to get started, but please do not hesitate to call the school office if you have any questions.

Summer Reading Program and Contest:1. Every student needs to read this summer. Please consider that each student should read at least 20-30 minutes most days of the week. (PLEASE help students select books at their “just right” level.)

2. We are providing Reading Log and Reading Reflection documents. These will be linked on our school’s website, in case you need extra copies.

3. Students and their parents should record the number of minutes that the student reads on recorded dates.  Each minute will count as one “point” for our contest.  So, a student who reads 640 minutes will have 640 “points”.

4. Students also need to continue to write during the summer!! Students who complete a Reflection (with satisfactory effort) for our contest will earn 100 bonus “points”.

5. All students will benefit from participating in the Summer Reading Program and Contest.  Those who participate will receive a prize in September.

6. The student in each grade with the most points will receive a lunchtime dessert of his/her choosing from Dairy Queen.

7. The student who earns the most points (reading + reflections) from the entire school over the summer will be awarded the Grand Prize!! An outing with the principal for the winner and a friend.

8. Reading Logs and Reading Reflections need to be turned in the first day of school, September 3, 2024

Happy Reading!

Summer Reading Log

Summer Reading Reflection