Our Athletic Mission Statement:  May God help us to . . .build character through competition, passionately inspire a devotion to excellence, and develop champions for Jesus Christ.

We believe that competition presents challenges similar to those that every person might one day face in life.  Although these challenges may be on a smaller scale, the ways in which we overcome them and the lessons that we learn from them are the same.  Cornerstone Christian’s Athletic Program is dedicated to developing character through sports.  We strive to promote working together in oneness, to conquer fears, to overcome obstacles, to look for lessons and motivation in loss, and for humility and opportunity in victory.

Most importantly, we strive to honorably represent our Lord Jesus Christ and to advance His Kingdom through our words, our thoughts, and our deeds. The only true guidelines to accomplish this task are found in the Bible, the inspired Word of God.  At Cornerstone Christian School, we recognize a battle far greater than any sporting event: a battle for people’s eternal souls.  As coaches at Cornerstone Christian School, we are to be diligent and determined as we fight to develop champions for Christ. Let us make a pledge together to focus on the invisible, chase the intangible, and do the impossible.


Our soccer team is open to girls and boys in grades 5-8. Our season starts with practices in August and continues until the tournament at the end of October. The soccer league consists of teams from local private, charter and home schools.


Our boys’ and girls' basketball teams is made up of students from grades 5-8, and the team competes with seven other schools that make up our region of the MMIAA (Mid-Michigan Independent Athletic Association) league. We have both a Junior Varsity and a Varsity team.


Our girls’ cheer squad is open to girls in grades 5-8. The girls begin with practice in October and cheer at home games for our boys’ basketball team.  Then they complete in cheer competitions with other squads in the MMIAA. The squad also works with coaches in planning and leading the Spirit Week and Pep Rally to kick off the basketball tournament. Go Crusaders!

Girls' Volleyball

Junior Varsity and Varsity teams compete as a fall sport.  Practices begin in August, and the season ends in October.

Cross Country

Students from grades 5 - 8 interested in this spring sport will enjoy great exercise while having fun. If you like to run come out and join the team.

Presidential Challenge

Every spring CCS students join with students across the nation to participate in the “Presidential Fitness Test”.   During Physical Education, the students complete five fitness tests that determine speed, flexibility, abdominal and upper-body strength, and endurance.   From these tests, students earn a Participant, National, or Presidential award.

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