As a Christian School, we have an opportunity to enjoy music in a unique way. Musical gifts are gifts of God’s Spirit. Musical expression is a way that God desires for us to glorify Him. Music is the creative expression of our love and praise for God demonstrated through voice, dance and instrument. The Bible explains that music is a part of Heaven. It also instructs us to speak to one another in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. Furthermore, music can be used for the purpose of developing and strengthening the body of believers.

Music Class

Kindergarten – 5th grade students at CCS attend music class two times each week. There, they explore the world of music, learning the basics of music theory, vocal music, and instrumental music. Our students are exposed to a wide variety of instruments in these grades, including percussion, orff, boomwhackers, and pitched bells. In 4th grade, students learn how to play the recorder, preparing the way for them to learn a band instrument later.


Beginning in 5th grade, students can learn to play a band instrument with our music teacher.  Band is offered as elective class to our middle school students starting in 6th grade.  Our band plays in our two main concerts during the year.


At CCS, we have two main opportunities for students to demonstrate their musical abilities during the year.   First, our students present a Christmas Musical in which a fun script and catchy music allow the audience to see the birth of Jesus as the focus of Christmas.   Our second performance is a Spring Arts Night.   During this evening, the students present a concert of music and drama, combined with an Art Gallery of the students’ best work from the school year.