Elementary children have eagerness to learn and excitement about life -- everything they are presented with is a new experience!  The lessons they learn lay a foundation for everything they will learn later in life so, just as a strong foundation is important in a building, it's vital in education as well.

This strong foundation can be found at Cornerstone Christian School and enables our students to develop and use the gifts that God has bestowed upon them. CCS provides a framework of an academically challenging elementary school education and a strong spiritual base, preparing our students to meet the requirements of middle school.  Education here at Cornerstone Christian School isn't limited to the intellectual aspect of the individual but incorporates the moral and spiritual dimension as well.The core program is comprised of Bible, Language Arts, Reading & Literature, Mathematics, Science and History.  Art, Music & Physical Education classes help create a balanced program.  Teachers design lessons that allow children to experience learning through a variety of activities and to reach different learning styles.  We believe that all subjects should be taught as God’s truth and, therefore, are integrated with Biblical truths.

Elementary students participate in other academic events throughout the year such as: Science Fair, Speech Meet, etc.  Field trips extend and enrich classroom learning with each grade experiencing several outings each year.

Musical programs, plays, and chapel presentations allow students the opportunity to develop and share with classmates, parents, and guests several times during the year. Success Night in the spring celebrates and highlights what all students have learned.

Our Elementary students also participate in service projects such as: collecting food and funds for Gleaners, items and funds for the Pregnancy Helpline, decorating Christmas gift bags and cards for the Livingston County Jail inmates, donating funds for missionaries, filling boxes for Samaritan's Purse, singing and visiting at local Nursing Homes, making cards for the military, etc.