Our grandparents used to have an expression "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".  They knew, as we do, that play, recreation & socialization are an important part of learning how to interact with others.  We have several before-school and after-school clubs that provide both learning and play while building friendships through shared interests.

Drama Club
CCS is offering a Drama Club to all students in grades 2-8. If you want to have fun, build confidence, and tap into your creative self, then this club is for you!  No acting experience required. During the 2012 - 20113 school year, the Drama Club will meet on Fridays from 3:30pm - 5:00pm. Friday, September 21 is our first meeting and will run from 3:30 - 5:00 in the Chapel. Call the school office if you need more details.



WHERE:                   Mt. Brighton 

WHO:                       CCS Students and Families

WHEN:                     Fridays after School   

COST:                      Lift Tickets $26 (discounted from $42)

Money will need to be turned into the CCS office the Wednesday prior to skiing in order to receive the discounted price.  If you do not pre-register/pay by Wednesday, you can still join us on Friday but you will be subject to the regular prices.  If you pre-register/pay on Wednesday, but then are unable to attend on Friday, you will get a full refund. You do not have to participate every week to be a part of the Ski Club.

CONTACTS:             Jennifer Lemmen

                                    Jeff Steffe

Participants do NOT have to have previous skiing experience.  All student participants must have a parent/ chaperone present for the entire duration. Adult skiers/chaperones are encouraged to ski and have fun at the discounted rates.  Snacks/Food may be brought to Mt. Brighton otherwise food and beverages are available for purchase.

**We would like to start a sign-up list of interested skiers as soon as possible so that we can accurately gauge our group size.  Please email Jennifer Lemmen to add your skiers name(s) to the list.  Jeff or Jennifer will be happy to answer any questions you may have.**

Mount Brighton Equipment Rental and ski lessons if needed:

  • Ski Rental:  $14/person (discounted from $28)
  • Helmet Rental:  $4/person (discounted from $7)
  • One- hour group lesson: $10/person (discounted from $20)

An alternative option for equipment is available from Boyne Country Sports in Novi.   Please find the details below:

“Junior Has a Fit” Equipment Program – Boyne Country Sports

There is a $40 Membership per child to enroll.  You can purchase a pair of gently used skis, bindings and boots for around $210.  Sharpening and waxing of skis and binding adjustment costs an additional $30.  At the end of the season you return your equipment and receive a voucher for the total cost of the equipment to use again next year.  Every year thereafter you would only have to pay the $30 fee for sharpening, waxing and binding adjustment.  The kids exit the program when their foot size exceeds a men’s 7 or women’s 8 or when their weight exceeds 100lbs. (Whichever comes first.)  When the kids leave the program the last voucher is good towards the purchase of new equipment.   They also have snowboards available for a nominal price difference.

If you’re looking to purchase a helmet there are several websites that have last year’s models at reduced prices.  (,





As a Christian School, we have an opportunity to enjoy music in a unique way. Musical gifts are gifts of God’s Spirit. Musical expression is a way that God desires for us to glorify Him. Music is the creative expression of our love and praise for God demonstrated through voice, dance and instrument. The Bible explains that music is a part of Heaven. It also instructs us to speak to one another in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. Furthermore, music can be used for the purpose of developing and strengthening the body of believers.
Music Class
Kindergarten – 5th grade students at CCS attend music class two times each week. There, they explore the world of music, learning the basics of music theory, vocal music, and instrumental music. Our students are exposed to a wide variety of instruments in these grades, including percussion, orff, boomwhackers, and pitched bells. In 4th grade, students learn how to play the recorder, preparing the way for them to learn a band instrument later.
Beginning in 5th grade, students can learn to play a band instrument with our music teacher.  Band is offered as elective class to our middle school students starting in 6th grade.  Our band plays in our two main concerts during the year.
At CCS, we have two main opportunities for students to demonstrate their musical abilities during the year.   First, our students present a Christmas Musical in which a fun script and catchy music allow the audience to see the birth of Jesus as the focus of Christmas.   Our second performance is a Spring Arts Night.   During this evening, the students present a concert of music and drama, combined with an Art Gallery of the students’ best work from the school year.